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. these new sanctions go after sectors of the iranian economy. key industrial soaktores like energy, ship building and ports. this provides revenue iran needs for proliferation activities terrorism and vast human rights repression. jenna: are these steps necessary in order for the run-up to war? >> look, jenna, we've been, this is the triumph of hope over experience. i have no problem with tougher sanctions on iran. it is an important effort but the fact of matter is we've been negotiating with iran since 2003. 2003, that is almost 10 years now. so once again iran as we do these sort of things iran, centrifuges continue to spin. they continue to work on their intercontinental ballistic missile problem which many believe they will have a missile capable of reaching the united states by 2020 three. they are closer to that. they have a missile warhead program. we keep talking to iran. iran likes to talk to us because it gives them more time. time is on their side. i just don't see this making a huge difference in iran's nuclear program and i think this administration's policy failed so far.
of limited supply it may not have as much impact on food prices as say, energy prices might. jenna: interesting. there are a lot of dynamics at play, that is to be sure what we look at when we buy in the supermarket. you mentioned what we can do, when we have a problem we wonder what we can do about it and some of the disaster relief. is the response from the usda to something like a drought and the government in general similar to the response of the government and use of taxpayer money when a natural disaster happens like a hurricane? >> it is a little bit different because we don't operate under the fema process or fema program so we don't have resources allocated or appropriated for this purpose. that is one of the reasons why we were so frustrated of failure of the house to get a farming bill through in the waning days of the 2012 congressional session. that would allow us to provide cash assistance to the producers. as it is right now we're limited to what we can do. we're trying to get the rest of the federal farmly to focus on these farmers an ranchers. the right now the co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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